Tuesday, 4 September 2012

To Catch a Snowflake

Bathed by the moonlight and the sparkling distant stars,
where ancient lovers live, their aura seeping from afar.
As the first fall flows, diamond crystals coat the ground,
in their symphony of silence, a crashing nothingness of sound.

Fragile, frozen touches brush against reluctant minds,
the warmth in their beauty sending shivers down the spine.
Eager hands reach out, grasping harshly, closing tight,
the frenzied fury of their need, ending each one’s life.

For the briefest of moments their grace is sublime,
yet in an instant they are gone, like the passage of time.
To catch a falling snowflake ~ stop and wonder how,
with no past and no future, they exist in the now.

If the time should come, if your soul begins to calm,
you may look at your own snowflake ~  resting gently on your palm.

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe