Thursday, 19 January 2012


it cannot be described ~ the year that has gone
so full of love, no longer alone
clinging on hard to a future together
desperately praying it would be forever

from the very first flutter paranoia struck deep
for a broken body may not be for keeps
all of my dreams in an instant felt shattered
taking away all that had mattered

fright and fear ripped through my heart
terror began to pull me, pull me apart
taking all I had cherished and loved in my life
plunging me deep, back into life’s strife

I shouldn’t have worried ~ I am safe in her hands
she will hold me forever, however the dice lands

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

True Loves Kiss

New found depths that grip me there,
her subtle scent drifts through the air,
consuming me with passionate rage,
we are bound forever ~ I am her slave.

Melting together, becoming one,
our bodies symmetry a single tone.
Please linger still, I must savour all,
to capture her within my soul.

Drifting now, all time has stopped,
our inhibitions have all been lost,
a swirling maelstrom of carnal pleasure,
I sip from the cup of her deepest treasure.

The possibilities become limitless,
when you’ve tasted the lips ~ of true loves kiss.

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe