Tuesday, 4 September 2012

To Catch a Snowflake

Bathed by the moonlight and the sparkling distant stars,
where ancient lovers live, their aura seeping from afar.
As the first fall flows, diamond crystals coat the ground,
in their symphony of silence, a crashing nothingness of sound.

Fragile, frozen touches brush against reluctant minds,
the warmth in their beauty sending shivers down the spine.
Eager hands reach out, grasping harshly, closing tight,
the frenzied fury of their need, ending each one’s life.

For the briefest of moments their grace is sublime,
yet in an instant they are gone, like the passage of time.
To catch a falling snowflake ~ stop and wonder how,
with no past and no future, they exist in the now.

If the time should come, if your soul begins to calm,
you may look at your own snowflake ~  resting gently on your palm.

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Old Bus Stop

Life stands still at the old bus stop
where the gangs roam free, no police
the cops
too scared to go
there with them, the scavengers, thieves
and the whores with men

Don’t dare to go, leave them be, they can fend
for themselves
if they die
who will see, not them, or you
not me, will see
they are nothing

Tattooed bodies roam the streets
with guns, and drugs
giving out sweets
to seduce the young, give them a gun
they are theirs
they are part of the gang, to die, perhaps
to die with a bang, however they die
who will give a damn
they were just another
one of a gang

See the graffiti adorning the walls, of the old bus stop
in the middle of wars
of rivals
and thugs, with their knives
they mug
the innocent few
who never knew, not to go after dark
or before the lark

to the old bus stop ~ just next to the park

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

Friday, 10 August 2012

A Complicated Man

There are too many halves to make just one whole,
they fight for supremacy, they tear at my soul,
for the right to be free, to escape from within,
to be the dominant one, the one that must win,

There is carefree and happy, so light in its mood,
mixed with laughter and joy bringing all that is good.
Then there is thoughtful ~ it is deep and sad,
raising anger and fury, it is boiling and mad.

Still there is more dwelling deep down inside,
there is love and romance which so often hides.
Not ruthless and cold with the harshest of stares,
that is daring and bold, it never really cares.

Which one today, that is out of my hands,
it was once said to me that I am a complicated man.

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe

Monday, 21 May 2012

Echoes of Souls

Listen to the wind
whispers in the leaves
all around are signs
in the Earth ~ in the trees

Playing in the clouds
shadows passing by
forgotten long ago
glimpses with an eye

Searching for the lost
those never to be found
departed in their grief
their song a haunting sound

Eternities of drifting
upon our corporeal plain
their hunger to move on
will always be in vain

Now your mind is open
tuned in to their cries
you can hear them calling
so lonely in the night

Please never forget
this secret which you hold
you are now a guardian
for the echoes of souls

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

The Passing of Ages

Weariness creeps, like vines round an ancient oak
with an ever tightening grip
not suffocating, yet gently reminding ~ it is time

The passing of ages, as the sun begins its last journey
descending, into the shadows
to sleep with legends past

When darkness falls, peace ebbs through the soul
old lights fade, becoming memories
entombed, in their own eternal mausoleum

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

Sunday, 29 April 2012


it ticks and tocks as I stare at the clock
so long now gone, all alone in my home
with nothing but her flowing around in my mind
watching the hours, wiling away time

my mind starts to wander, a smile on my face
as I think of her beauty, her love and her grace
of our time spent together, planning forever
all the joy and the smiles and so much laughter

of our beautiful children now merged into one
bringing happiness and fun to our family home
they are brothers and sisters, there for each other
no longer two families, they are one forever

in the blink of an eye she’ll be back in my arms
melting into my safety ~ my mind once again calm

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

My Old Grandfather Clock

Tick tock, tick tock, my old grandfather clock
whose face ever changes, yet still stays the same
his hands are relentless, ornate and yet plain
guiding the way through the night ~ to the day

Tick tock, tick tock, my old grandfather clock
whose chimes bring the signs and the changing of time
keeping me true with his relentless rhyme
his stoic dignity bathed in serenity, for all of eternity

Tick tock, tick tock, my old grandfather clock
whose strong brass chains still bear the weights
each swing of the pendulum, never being late
just the movement of time showing on his face

Tick tock, tick tock, my old grandfather clock
whose constancy keeps me, wrapped in his safety

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

Thursday, 19 January 2012


it cannot be described ~ the year that has gone
so full of love, no longer alone
clinging on hard to a future together
desperately praying it would be forever

from the very first flutter paranoia struck deep
for a broken body may not be for keeps
all of my dreams in an instant felt shattered
taking away all that had mattered

fright and fear ripped through my heart
terror began to pull me, pull me apart
taking all I had cherished and loved in my life
plunging me deep, back into life’s strife

I shouldn’t have worried ~ I am safe in her hands
she will hold me forever, however the dice lands

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

True Loves Kiss

New found depths that grip me there,
her subtle scent drifts through the air,
consuming me with passionate rage,
we are bound forever ~ I am her slave.

Melting together, becoming one,
our bodies symmetry a single tone.
Please linger still, I must savour all,
to capture her within my soul.

Drifting now, all time has stopped,
our inhibitions have all been lost,
a swirling maelstrom of carnal pleasure,
I sip from the cup of her deepest treasure.

The possibilities become limitless,
when you’ve tasted the lips ~ of true loves kiss.

Copyright © 2012 by Mike Sutcliffe