Sunday, 21 July 2013

Starlight Sanctuary

The dew damp dawn calls an ending to the night,
the first bird song, a tolling bell, a call to flight.
Some now wake, some now sleep, all follow nature's lore,
the hidden starlight sanctuary, shelters from the waking dawn.

The stoic sun, as ancient oak, whose eyes belie its stare,
gazes down upon the battlefield, of war in Poseidon's lair.
Mermaids flight, dolphins fight, ashore the unicorns run,
all seek the starlight sanctuary, veiled from the raging sun.

The axe now rests, its work is done, the fire burning bright,
tall tales are told, no truths unfold, beneath the fading light.
Through glinting eyes, shrouded by the night, a secret to remain,
for the hidden starlight sanctuary, all will look in vain.

Embers fade, ash fresh made, the blood red moon above,
searching for the starlight sanctuary, its forever secret love.

Copyright © 2013 by Mike Sutcliffe

I wrote this poem in dedication to the wonderful children's book, The Starlight Sailor, illustrated by the talented artist, Jackie Morris. It happened that I took my family to Pembrokeshire and stayed in a Mongolian yurt at Trellyn Woodland Camping. The canvass of the yurt had been beautifully decorated by Jackie with characters from the book ~ mermaids, dolphins and unicorns. After the most inspiring of weeks, it seemed appropriate to try and put into words the spirit of her book, combined with my feelings about the experiences I had. I hope you enjoy.