Saturday, 16 April 2011


If it were tomorrow, what came before
My life skipped a beat, that day is no more
Where did I go, what did I see
Was it a good day, a good one for me

If I were to wish, for each day to pass
Looking ahead, please go fast
Tomorrow is the new, today is the old
I may pawn it away, my memories sold

If it were tomorrow, today left behind
Was it in vain, was I cruel or kind
Would I be poorer, with yesterday gone
Or simply oblivious, to all I had done

If I were to wish, what would it be
The loss of today, with no memory
Imagine it now, such a beautiful day
Each must be cherished, never sent away

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

It is Better to Hide

Darkness not penetrated, your mask secure
Veiled from truth and fragility
With confidence high, standing tall
Feeling so strong, as you hide

The mask comes off, in solitude
Your castle is safe, none can get through
Don’t look in the mirror, all revealed
Even inside, you must hide

Glance for a moment, what will be seen?
Too terrible, real, who is there?
So weak I see, not recognised
Go now, run, please hide

Why are you here, in my mind?
I do not know you, go
Is that me? Don’t let it be
I will slip back behind, it is better to hide

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

Friday, 15 April 2011

Life in Colour

Dark not light, grey not bright
Is life like that, all of the time
Some see it black, some see it white
Some with the grey, bringing the night

There are doers and thinkers, nearly men
Always the same, throughout all of your friends
I would have and could have, are what they say
Life slipped them by, in every way

But some see the colours, wonderful and bright
They are vibrant and glowing, with life and light
A depth so deep, that you cannot see
But they can dream, in wonder and believe

Their eyes are open, so wide and true
For they are the ones who bring life, not you
I dare you to join them, set yourself free
Are your eyes open, be alive like me

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe

A Glimpse

There is life all around him, gleaming, teaming
His eyes open in wonder, a bird, a snail, a butterfly
Innocence shines in his smile, in his eyes
He looks on, just watching, not daring to move

Is he a part of this, nature at work?
He stands and wonders, in his awe and naivety
They told him of God, is this his doing?
It cannot be he thinks, there must be much more

It is living, connected, moving as one
Vibrant and flowing, vast and great
Is this the first time he has opened his eyes?
He feels suddenly so small, not tall

Mother is calling him, breaking the spell
Slowly, slowly, he retreats from this place
He has glimpsed for a moment, looking within
Time for tea now, turn the TV on

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe