Friday, 15 April 2011

Life in Colour

Dark not light, grey not bright
Is life like that, all of the time
Some see it black, some see it white
Some with the grey, bringing the night

There are doers and thinkers, nearly men
Always the same, throughout all of your friends
I would have and could have, are what they say
Life slipped them by, in every way

But some see the colours, wonderful and bright
They are vibrant and glowing, with life and light
A depth so deep, that you cannot see
But they can dream, in wonder and believe

Their eyes are open, so wide and true
For they are the ones who bring life, not you
I dare you to join them, set yourself free
Are your eyes open, be alive like me

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. Hey thanks, glad you enjoyed

  2. This ROCKS, my friend. Very, very good. I'm glad we got the chance to meet each other via Twitter, and thanks for sharing your poetry!

  3. Glad you liked it Duane, looking forward to tweeting together

  4. I always thoght the glass was half full, never thought I would get conformation in a poem from a hooker.