Sunday, 20 November 2011

Unconditional Love

It is as deep as it can be
when I look into their eyes
I see them with a smile
I see myself inside

What is this magic
that brought them to me
so perfect in every way
how can it be

How they were made
I wonder in awe
it was me and her
but there must be more

Such perfection I see
so there has to be
so much more than just us
so much more than just me

When they look at me
it is all they can see
I see it in their eyes
their love for me

I smell them, I watch them
growing so tall
I pick them back up
and never let them fall

It is simple and honest
straightforward no more
the love of your child
is the World, it is all

For they are my future
my hope and my life
I will love and protect them
to the day that I die

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. There is no love so great as that between a parent and their child...a sweet beauty captured wonderfully here. Cheers - both to you, and your child!

  2. nice...i understand this feeling completely having two boys was home sick today so we got to spend some extra time it...

  3. lovely tribute to kids what would my life be without mine ...not worth contemplating ( they're big kids now ) loved it thank you x

  4. we never understand that kind of love until we have kids..and think we can never fully explain've captured it wonderfully here..

  5. perfect and full of love... I do feel this as I have 3 children of my own...unconditional love, it is ~

  6. What a heartwarming poem. They do fill something in your life that you didn't know was empty, don't they? Lovely...

  7. honest, heart felt, a wonderful testament to the gift you've been blessed with. A joy to read aloud, this reeks (in a good way) of your unique style and wicked way with words. Wonderful pen!

  8. My daughter contends there is an external force that demands a child MUST be born. Each is a miracle, but sometimes it takes our breath away when we think how little "thought" went into the initiating event and how so much love, attention and care goes into the life that was created. Well done, here. A perfect time of year to give thanks for the gift of our children.

  9. Spoken from a father's heart indeed....this is a lovely tribute to the wonderful relationship of parent and invinsible bond!!!

  10. The verse here is very spare, nothing too much not too little. You have a keen way with rhyme that stuck with me. As a patent, I know what you mean.

  11. how nice to read a fathers account of what we are so in touch with, I have to say how wonderful that you have arrived here to this magical junction on the road... your poem is sweet, i just hope your actions will be in harmony with the amazement and respect you have for this young life.

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