Sunday, 4 December 2011

Of Musings, Love and Life ~ Now on Amazon!

Welcome all to the next instalment of the release of my new book ~ Of Musings, Love and Life! In my previous post it had just been released via a local book shop, who very kindly agreed to stock it on my behalf, and I'm pleased to say that I've had to replenish their stock twice already in the past couple of weeks, which is really encouraging!

I'm sure that I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last, aspiring author to have released a book and wonder just exactly how it will be received. You consume yourself for months and months, hour after hour to make sure that the poems you've written are as meaningful as they can be, and whilst you are completely wrapped in it and are convinced, from your own perspective, that it is a really great piece of work, ultimately that is you appraising your own work, so quite naturally you're going to be slightly biased!

So in reality all that you can do is to rely on the people that visit your blog, read your poems, and ultimately feel that the snippets of work they have seen give enough justification to buy your book. And that is what I'm now asking you all to do. It would be great to see feedback on the poems on here, on Twitter and also by the book sales that I get.

Should you feel that you want to buy the paperback, it's available now on Amazon via the following link:

Amazon's own listing shows as not yet released, for some strange reason, and out of stock. As the author I have listed it myself, which is the link above, and is in stock and released now! If you have any issues trying to place the order, or have made an order and would like the copy signing, then drop me an email at and I will make sure that your order is dealt with.

In the near future I will get around to converting it into and ebook, although my limited technical skills may need a little updating first!

May I just say thanks very much to all who drop by and read the poems on my blog, and of course to all who buy the book.

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  1. Good luck with the book! It's great if your local book shop is carrying it! K.