Friday, 22 February 2013


those few moments
do you recall
we lived in love
I consumed you all

you held my hand
lost in your eyes
the moment took us
just truth ~ not lies

our love as deep
as it can be
you breathed me in
and made me see

we lived a dream
a life together
blinking our eyes
in our Vienna

how time mocked
so wrong for us
I tried so hard
yet ended lost

we should have been
just us forever
in our beautiful city
Wien ~ Vienna

now you are lost
my heart still trembles
you live within me
I am forever humbled

you were mine
and now it is never
the love we shared
is gone forever

yet in my heart
we will always be
in our Vienna
just you and me

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. i wish they could've stayed there with their dreams coming alive...oh i'm feeling sad for them...but good she has still a place in your heart..

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  3. The simplicity of form helps greatly to support the message here. Too often our dreams fail to come true. Can I make a correction please? The German/Austrian name for Vienna is Wien; wein is German for wine :-)

  4. My thanks rumoursforrhyme ~ I have made the amends (much appreciated) ~ the simplicity is what it was at the time :)

  5. we lived in love
    I consumed you isnt it love that will ruin your life for the good....breath you in and make you see...another really cool line .....wonderful bit of love man...

  6. Haha ~ you know what Brian, love does ruin you for the good ~ and you become a better man for it...

  7. Ahh, Vienna... Some cities leave a mark on a strong love story... :) I like the way the poem flows, and the come and going of Vienna through all of it :) I almost see the city, if i close my eyes :)

  8. Have you been Yiota ~ it's the most culturally beautiful city that I have had the pleasure of going to :)

  9. A beautiful memory...I've been to Vienna and it is a beautiful city.

  10. I specially like the last stanza ~ I have not been Vienna but its one of my must see city in a lifetime ~

    I admire the heart felt words ~

  11. I love the word consumed and your use of it here. A very honest write.

  12. There's a sweet sadness in your words. I appreciate that the memory seems untainted :)

  13. so delicately unfolding and deeply heartfelt. just love this poem.

  14. beautiful. sad. we are flimsy momentary intersection of elements.

  15. I concur with Lori-- normally, I don't fall for 'love lost' poems easily (or at all)-- but there is something simple, sweet and sad in this piece that touched me. ~peace, Jason