Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Start of Forever

How did it happen
the start of forever
I closed my eyes
thinking of never

One at a time
my days passed me by
the past still with me
living the lie

It felt like a dream
I did not know why
I must be asleep
my eyes closed tight

I woke from my slumber
you lay by my side
a vision appeared
my eyes opened wide

As time passed by
I finally could see
that forever was real
it had started for me

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. Wonderfully written.. It happens..I know..

  2. You are an incredible Poet
    I am also a poet and I love your style
    and your numerous inspirations.
    I would like to tap in to what motivates you
    to write this many poems in such a short time :)

  3. I was the one who commented as 'anonymous'
    above this comment.
    I follow you On twitter and saw your appreciation.
    It is definitely my pleasure.
    But I still really want to know what inspires
    you to write as often as you do so well...Thanks

  4. moving, vivid imagery, Thanks for sharing.

  5. i really like this. the rhymes are very nice too, they don't seem forced though they fit a form. The last line makes me happy :)

  6. love it, superb imagery.

    Please join us with a free verse or any poem you wish to share,

    Have fun making poetic friends.
    Looking forward to seeing you among us!

  7. A Nice thing to read ...
    That was simply amazing
    Take a look on mine ...
    Happy Rally !!!

  8. Very philosophical. I like the idea of awakening to forever. I really enjoyed this.