Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Hope Anew

Existing in the darkness of eternity
dreams lay amongst the waste
like splintered shards of light
shattered by pain now dulled

To live a life of day
in the confusing haze of chaos
wandering through shrouded mist
as a nomad in the storm

Searching for horizons
faint moonbeams in the dusk
glimpsing futures once thought lost
through hazy opaque eyes

The journey can begin
with steps that sometimes stumble
fates compass guides the way
as hope is born anew

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. This is fantastic. Love the imagery you use. Very lyric. :)

  2. I have seen that nomad in the storm.. It can only get better..time is always the key,with each new day..something new you will find..much love my friend..

  3. good luck on your journey.
    love the ending line, a job well done.

  4. Hello, how are you?

    Hope all is well.

    What a thrill to land in your island of poetry with such lovely talent show.

    Please check out poets rally week 51 today.

    A free verse, a Haiku, or a poem of your choice is welcome.

    We are all about freedom of writing, disciplines, and positive mingling.

    Hope to see you be part of our community.

    Happy Thursday.