Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Lay Down Your Guns

wars and crusades all fought in His name
they think they are sane
to kill in His name
but it won’t bring change, it’s completely in vain
just bystanders slain
and the lucky ones maimed

Muslims and Christians, Gentiles and Jews
to whom you call God, is your right
to choose
be it Buddha or Allah, Elohim or God
whatever you call him, killing
is not
what God was meant
to mean, no bombs on the streets
for innocence lost
is not about God

to temples and mosques and churches
you flee
to worship and pray, with such love
and glee
for He you kneel
and you pray and you heed
taking His words
as you want them to be, ignoring what they
should really mean

lay down your guns and your arms
and your bombs
for your bigoted hatred, will win over none
just leave you alone
at the foot of His throne

for the way that we live, for us and for me
should be in peace
alive, safe and free
so lay down your guns, please let it be
lay down your guns
and let us
live in peace

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. Well said! It is a shame more people in the world do not share your sentiments.

  2. powerful!! honest, yet not offensive. a beautiful soul you encase.

  3. love your message, Peace is important to us.

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  4. So true. Beautifully put. Xox

  5. strong much hate played out in the name of love or at God's hand...hard truth served up well

  6. amen to this...way too many horrible things happened under the cover of his flag

  7. This is a very powerful poem. It is sad when it's done in the name of.

  8. this has the same philosophy i have, i just put it in a villanelle last week

  9. Christianity and religion to me seem different things ....people fight over religion but to me being a Christian means doing no harm ...think your poem has a true message thank you x

  10. War is ugly and to fight over a religion to me is a complete affront to how the Creator wanted life to be..

    some wise words here.. much enjoyed.

  11. I agree.. and hopefully we will all live in peace. A meaningful share.. thanks ~

  12. strong message penned well. gets a big AMEN from me.

  13. Well penned and vivid obvious message.

  14. Some much evil is done in the name of God - as you rightly say that is not what He wants.

    Anna :o]

  15. Very well said. Some see only anger and hatred when they read the Bible. I see God's mercy, grace, and love. Peace, Linda