Saturday, 24 September 2011

If I Were ~ Part 2

If I were a bird
soaring high up in the sky
I would watch the world beneath
see the people and their lies

If I were a whale
wandering seas and oceans deep
I would hide beneath the waves
for my safety I must keep

If I were a lion
roaming through my vast kingdom
I would cower at their guns
until the hunters were all gone

If I were a man
with the world beneath my feet
I would rape it for myself
it is mine for me to keep

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. wait...isn't that what man is doing?

  2. Sad but true, and repeating it just makes it all seem sadder.

  3. Heart-rending truth.

  4. Everyone craves for this sort of least we have freedom of imagination.

  5. Or so so many seem to believe. It drives me insane at times, the hubris and the arrogant cruelty that goes with it.

  6. I sense your frustration in this ...well put thank you x

  7. wow amazing I think you are right man is raping the lands for him to keep and in doing so we are losing all our wild life and natural beauty of the world. It is a shame this is happening.

  8. have i read this before?

    strong message in the words....that last stanza in particular is very powerful....

  9. Everyone above is right in my opinion, from zongrik to Brian.... You have captured the truth of life here in so many ways Mike. On my absolute worst days that is exactly how I feel and have etched it into poetry as well... I hope that if you have a moment you might visit this link, and let me know your thoughts on it...

  10. I have no words. This is a stunning piece of writing!

    Take care