Monday, 24 October 2011

By the fire

The flames glinted wildly, their reflection in my eyes,
all the laughter and the tears, so much joy in my life.
From the love and the loss, to the beauty of my child,
sometimes mellow, sometimes sad, and yet often it was wild.

When the flames began to settle, my future found its way,
in the beauty of her love, we had forever and a day.
Another was still waiting, we lived it to the full,
never parted for a moment, always laughter, never dull.

The flames flickered gently, it was dusk no longer dawn,
in my peace I could reflect, my face was tired and so worn,
as I came to see my past, with a smile behind my eyes,
all the joy my life had brought, sometimes tears fell from my eyes.

Then the flames no longer flickered, they had faded into ash,
yet forever in my memory, I had lived once in the past.

Copyright © 2011 by Mike Sutcliffe


  1. I really like the journey detailed within the stanzas. Love that last stanza. Great write!

  2. nice...i like the progression through life and one lived and savored throughout...very nicely played...

  3. Truly a beautiful analogy, a fire raging as an entire life time of emotion....... I truly enjoyed this dearly..... Your last stanza is so powerful.......

  4. I truly like the flow and the progression of though in your lines so well done

  5. This is lovely, feel like that at the end of a life would be a life lived well indeed :)

  6. I like life's reflections gazing at the flames. I hope it a life well lived, despite its sadness and challenges.

  7. Mike, love your voice always, but it sings especially loud in this piece. Always an effortless and enjoyable read!

  8. thanks for taking us close to that fire, it's wild flickering, the years of youth...then the warm glow of adulthood and then getting old, looking back, staring at the ash and was worth it...

  9. i am def not the one to ask on form...think if you want s solid feedback on sonnets you may want to approach carys, beth w or luke prater

  10. life played out in the flickering flames...positively beautiful from first spark to final glow.

  11. Hmmm... what a lovely end to a frantic day - slightly somberly thought provoking, this makes me want to spend some time in my own fires tonight. I think the last stanza takes it to a new level. I love it. :)

  12. As wonderful as my first visit~Hope you're well :)

  13. Beautiful, like so many of the others. We share this reflection with you. I hope you will write more soon