Thursday, 10 July 2014

Our Summer

Do you remember the start of forever,
our summer of love, we lived it together?
The hopes and the dreams, so much to do,
from the moment we met, I gave me to you.

Do you remember the sand at our feet,
the theatre in Minnack, our first New Years Eve?
The fireworks went up in the Lands End sky,
I knew in that moment, as I looked in your eyes.

Do you remember, it was a beautiful night,
I said that I love you, I held your hand tight?
With diamonds and sapphires, forged from the moon,
it was made with my heart, with my love for you.

Always remember, for the rest of our lives,
that you are my summer, the love of my life.

Copyright © 2014 by Mike Sutcliffe

I wrote this poem for a friend of mine to read to his wife on their upcoming wedding day. I know that he loves the intimacy of the memories, and I can only hope that she does as well. Whilst the memories may not be ours, I hope that you can enjoy the sentiment of the words and appreciate the meaning for them. Enjoy!